THE COACH:  Tim Mallandaine

(Tim & his partner Jennifer)

Tim Mallandaine grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and spent most of his youth exploring Alberta’s rivers, lakes and forests.  He spent his teen years on his grandfather’s homestead on Sturgeon Lake in northern Alberta, where his love of nature continued to grow.  A two-hour boat trip from civilization, subsistence hunting and fishing were a regular part of his daily life.

Tim pursued various post-high school job interests but ultimately chose to study music through the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Music voice performance program.  In addition to completing the requirements for his B. Mus., Tim also explored his interest in psychology.  Completing his degree, with a dozen extra-to-degree courses, he then received a full scholarship to study voice at the Northwest German Music Academy in West Germany.  He settled in Detmold where the Academy was located and travelled to Bad Salzulfen twice a week where he taught classical guitar in the school system.  

Due to a severe illness in his family, Tim returned to Edmonton and began his voice-teaching career at what was then called the Alberta College Conservatory of Music.  He also branched out and built a media production company which ran a couple of printing presses and produced media and live presentation events for local, national, and international governments and corporations.  A decade later, he sold his business and changed his focus to consulting in the hospitality, tourism and technology industries in Alberta and the Boundary region of British Columbia.  Finding the travel difficult, and with motivational help from a daughter who wanted to start singing, he returned to full-time coaching and started what was to become the Songkraft Studio voice and performance-excellence program.  

Over the years, Tim's reputation as a masterful voice and performance coach has grown.  He is grateful to his children and the exceptional students and makers with whom he has the privilege to work and create.  In these master years of his coaching career, he has made it evident that he intends to remain available for as much more of the same as he can manage.  

Tim’s coaching practice is supported by local students and, through modern distance-learning technologies, students from across the country.  He works to expand the influence of his coaching practices through the development of self-development human resources programming and fine-art performance events.