Tim Mallandaine

Tim Mallandaine, a native of Edmonton, Alberta, cultivated a profound affinity for the natural world during his formative years.  He dedicated much of his youth to exploring Alberta’s diverse wilderness landscapes.  He spent many summers on his grandfather's remote homestead, now a provincial park, Young’s Point, named for his grandfather and situated on Sturgeon Lake.  There he nurtured his love for nature and developed practical skills in subsistence hunting and fishing.  He was a member of the first group of people trained to be hunting and conservation instructors in Alberta.  

Continuing to spend a great deal of time hiking, camping, mountaineering, kayaking and skiing in the mountains in Banff and Jasper, Tim explored various post-high school jobs.  As music had been a part of his family life and a continuing interest he auditioned for and was accepted to the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Music Voice Performance Program. Following his degree, he secured a full scholarship to study voice under Theo Lindenbaum at the Nordwest Dutche Musik Akademie in Detmold, West Germany. He further supported his learning and living there by teaching classical guitar.


Returning to Edmonton, Tim started his teaching career at what was then called the Alberta College Conservatory of Music.  Simultaneously, he established a media production company.  He has an extensive media and live events portfolio of local, regional, and national corporate, government and community events.  Divesting his business interests to teach more, Tim concentrated on consulting within the technology, hospitality and tourism industries of Alberta and British Columbia.  Inspired by his daughter's interest in singing, he retired from his consulting practice, committed to full-time coaching and launched the Songkraft program.

Over the years, Tim’s reputation as a masterful voice and performance coach has grown. With unwavering dedication, he continues to shape the careers of aspiring talents, embracing this chapter of his coaching journey with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Sarah Mallandaine 

Sarah is a dedicated creative who works to assist with Songkraft's development and various creative projects.  She dances, acts, sings and uses photography to help others pursue their own brand of excellence.  A superb coach, she lives in Vancouver and works online or at her Vancouver studio.  Her website can be found at