Note:  Policies are the same for in-person and online coaching streams.


Studio communication is divided into two distinct WhatsApp streams; (IP) for in-person coaching and (OL) for online coaching. 

All personal communication will be via separate individual WhatsApp or SMS message threads.  (WhatsApp preferred.) 

Please read all communications carefully.


Each month has three coaching weeks and one dark week, which typically falls on or near the end/beginning of each calendar month.  The studio is also closed for two weeks at the end of August and the end of December.

Sessions are provided on all statutory holidays, most of which fall on a Monday, to ensure that clients with coaching on those days are not unfairly impacted.


Anyone wishing to change or reschedule a coaching session must give notice of one whole week, and the coach must confirm all changes.

If a client can’t provide notice, an exchange of coaching times might be facilitated through the studio WhatsApp group.  

If a change of lesson time can’t be reasonably accommodated, if no exchange is possible, or in the event of illness, makeup sessions are ‘not’ provided.

Long-term illness is addressed on a case-by-case basis.  Please detail your circumstances in an email to the coach if you face medical or other critical issues.

A client may request a leave of absence for one month each calendar year by providing one month’s advance notice to the coach.  Their position in the studio and calendar will be preserved during this absence and guaranteed upon their return.  More extended absences will be facilitated for professionals who must travel for their work.

From time to time, the instructor may need to reschedule lessons.  Except in the case of emergencies, one week or more notice will be provided.  


Studio fees are based on the expectation of continuous participation, a yearly tuition fee paid monthly by post-dated cheques.

Each incoming client will receive a fee assessment addressing partial fees for a mid-month start date.

Fees must be paid before each month’s sessions on the 20th of the month preceding the service.  For example, fees for September must be paid on August 20th. 

Post-dated cheques will be collected for each program year, beginning with an August 20th dated cheque and ending with a July 20th dated cheque.  Throughout the year, students joining the program will be required to provide post-dated cheques for the remaining months of the program year.

New students may pay their first month’s fees by e-transfer, providing for both a trial period and time to arrange for cheques.

Online clients should provide cheques using a trackable Canada Post Xpress Post prepaid envelope.    

All financial details are kept private.  


Clients are required to provide the courtesy of one month’s cancellation notice.

No notice is required if a client chooses to leave during their first month. 

Refunds are not provided for partial months or for fixed-term agreements.  


Clients are not required to perform.  However, when there is a commitment to a project, it is taken very seriously.  Once a commitment has been made, backing out is considered highly inappropriate, which may result in losing further opportunities.