Coaching is primarily offered through weekly or twice-weekly, hour-long private sessions.  Sessions are scheduled in person, at the studio (IP) or online (OL) using the Zoom video conferencing internet application and high-quality music-friendly audio streaming settings.

The outcome expectations for both in-person and online programs are precisely the same.  However, there is a difference in that the coaching approach is very slightly modified for either face-to-face or online delivery.  

During the pandemic, it became necessary to deliver all programs online.  As a result of the effectiveness of this approach, many local singers have chosen to continue with online coaching, and the decision was made to expand online accessibility.  Singers from places like Canmore in Alberta, Prince George in BC and Toronto in Ontario are now music community members.

Inquiries for placement may be made at any time of year, and start dates are dependent on available space.  If you choose to get in touch, please provide some information about yourself and be curious.  This is an important decision, and you must believe that what you choose will provide you with the positive growth opportunity you seek.  Don’t just take lessons.  Be sure you’ve found the means to discover the difference between good and great and to pursue the standard for ‘your’ excellence.

The coaching approach and program are discussed in greater detail throughout this website.  You can ask any questions by setting up an introductory session.  There is no fee for that session, and you will be under no obligation to continue.