“I have great respect for anyone who chooses to learn to sing and perform with excellence, and I am ever grateful to those who have allowed me to play a part in their journey.” JTM

(Tim, Blaire, Athena & Jennifer)


“Tim, and the Songkraft community, bring out the best in me.  I’ve grown through the shyness and insecurities that used to come up with performing, which has considerably affected my life.  Exploring singing and performing with others, I realized that my belief that some people are talented and others are not wasn’t true.  The methods Tim uses to consistently teach and reinforce ideas in our coaching sessions and workshops have been the defining factor in the continually evolving discovery of my voice.  It’s hard for me to imagine my life without my music and these experiences.  If I look back and then forward, I am grateful for who I am and where this is going.  Blaire

“Tim, and the experiences I have had with the Songkraft studio, have helped me enormously.  I’ve learned to understand the important role that being distraction-free plays in expressing myself.  Tim’s understanding, supportive and motivational approach helps me to know when and where to reach beyond my limits in a way that’s just right, which helps me work to discover my full potential.  I’ve learned to do things that, at one time, I thought weren’t possible for me.  I’ve gained confidence and am sure of myself and my music.  I’m a much better artist … and a better person.” Athena

Tim provides guidance and encourages studio singers toward a stronger, more self-accepting and emotionally expressive version of themselves.  Being a part of the studio, I’ve learned singing is a multidimensional act that draws on a singer’s mindful, emotional and physiological state.  Tim has an uncanny ability to sense a singer’s state and to help them understand how to fill the gap between what they are doing and what they should be doing.  His methods have taught me to look beyond what I know of myself to discover my full capacity as a singer and performer.  For me, that journey has become increasingly authentic.  I am very grateful to enjoy the opportunity for continued learning and the beauty of music in my life.” Jennifer

Workshop Participants:

“Thank you for helping me find my voice, my strength and my confidence and teaching me how to teach myself.”

“I initially walked into Tim’s studio firmly believing that I could not sing and was probably tone deaf.  I also had all the fear that goes along with those beliefs, but I desperately wanted to sing.  Tim immediately began helping me work on my belief system and began the most amazing journey.  It was an awakening through which I experienced many paradigm shifts and was ultimately able to find my voice.” 

“Tim has an incredible ability to work with anxious students.  He has coached me from being too scared to sing to being able to sing comfortably for audiences of all sizes.  My friends now turn to me when they need a singer for their wedding.” 

“I highly value my time with Tim each week, and I have found his unique perspective on singing pedagogy to be refreshing and insightful.  As I am also an educator, I really appreciate his holistic methodology believing that students learn best when working in an environment of trust with a teacher who meets them on a personal level.” 

“Tim is patient, competent and has a wonderful sense of humour.  He spends the time necessary to develop a clear understanding of each of his students' creative needs and demonstrates the ability to do all the things he teaches, regardless of the music genre.  His thoughtfulness and coaching have not only improved my musical skills but also have had an extremely positive influence on my life.” 

“Learning to express myself with a clear and strong voice has helped me tremendously in my everyday life.  I, therefore, have a great deal of respect for Tim and hold him in very high esteem as a singer and coach.  I have also had the great pleasure of witnessing the talent he brings out in others.  He encourages and enlightens his students in ways that help them to reach their full potential.”

“The work Tim does with singers is exceptional.  All one needs to do is attend his studio and hear the calibre of singers working with him.  He doesn’t just teach good singers to sing well, but teaches everyone to sing well.”  

“Tim’s students are his best advocates, a testament to his effect on their music and lives.  He’s a consummate professional highly regarded for his vocal methodology and artistic mentorship.”

“I’ve learned that singers give themselves permission to be who they need to be and have learned to accept, respect, and be patient with myself.  This has positively affected my life, and I’ve become more balanced and tolerant.”